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Dating Habits Are Not Evidence Against Racism
Posted by: Tanoro - Sep 11, 2018 6:44PM

So, a British conservative asked me, "How can Donald Trump be racist against black people when he dated a black model, Kara Young.

I explained that a man can be rabidly sexist against women and still willing to date them. Racism (and discrimination in general) is not necessarily about groups of people you hate. It's about groups you arbitrarily disrespect or hold in lower regards than whatever arbitrary group in which you place yourself, which may or may not lead you to socially despise them.

Slave owners in pre-Civil War United States were classically known for having sex with their slaves even though they were most decidedly not respected as other citizens. Moreover, slave owners were -- to say the least -- reluctant to lose their precious and highly valuable slaves. So what we have here is a disconnect between social role, social value, and overall respect and equality. It is simply a reality that you can value and even be intimate with a person who you place socially beneath yourself.

Moreover, racism and discrimination tend to be built on tropes; sets of qualities used as foundation to judge individuals in the group, but don't consistently fit the realities of said group. When a racist encounters a person who fits the label, but not the trope, they are more likely to except present company than to question the validity of their pre-judgements. In other words, someone like Kara Young doesn't outwardly fit the expected trope in Trump's mind, so he may unconsciously miscategorize her out of that group, a la "No True Scotsman" fallacy.

In conclusion, this argument alone is not evidence of racism. However, Donald Trump's dating habits are not evidence to the contrary either.

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