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Tanoro's Blog - Xcode 4 Issue, View outlet and NIB Name Set

Posted by: Tanoro - July 11, 2011

Here is a rather obscure issue that appears to have eluded many of your tutorial websites about Xcode.

Xcode reports issues: "Unsupported Configuration; View Controller - {var} view outlet and NIB Name set".

This error points to one of your NIB files, but doesn't explain in detail what is wrong with it. The problem is that a view controller in your NIB is defined as having a label Xcode doesn't recognize as the class attached to that controller. In this case, this happened when I was adding and removing unwanted view controllers during the early stages of this project. An early copy of the root view controller was attached to my MainWindow NIB even after I deleted it. I went to the MainWindow NIB and set the attached view controller to the class I needed it to be, but Xcode retained the label belonging to the old view controller.

If I moused over the view controller icon in the middle pain (on the left edge of the editor pane), I saw the name of the old view controller I had long since deleted. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to edit this.


Just remove the view controller that Xcode is complaining about and add a fresh one. Be sure to make a note of all of the connections from the controller before removing it. Xcode will now recognize it and stop complaining.

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