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Christopher "Tanoro" Gray is a web programmer and science advocate especially concerned with resource management technologies, biology, and artificial intelligence. He is a student of epistemology and philosophy as well as an Atheist competent in Christian theology.


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Christopher Gray
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Goals  To further the development of web technologies.
 Work Experience

Programmer/Application Developer. Bandwise LLC, 2006-Now. Coded hundreds of PHP-based websites, developed the Insty-site.com web builder and content management system, coded several iPhone apps in Objective C.

Computer Repair Technician. CyberICU (out of business), Jan 2006 - Mar 2006. Repaired Windows computers for privae customers.

Computer Repair Technician. Computer Troubleshooters - Lagniappe, Aug 2005 - Oct 2005. Repaired Windows computers for private and commercial customers.

Postal Clerk, Military. U.S. Navy, 2000-2004. Emergency firefighter, customer service, master helmsman, post office duties, security watch stander, other military-related duties.

Education -High School Diploma from Weston High School, Class of 2000.
-Associates Degree (A.A.) from Bossier Parish Community College, Applied Science in Computer Web Design, 2010
 Honors and Awards
-Navy/Marine Corps Acheivement Medal, 2003
-Good Conduct Medal, 2002
-Captain's Letter of Commendation, 2002
Skills -Advanced compentency in HTML, CSS, PHP, and the Windows platform (3.1 - Win7).
-Professional competency in MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, and Json.
-Professional competency in DOD-compliant cryptography.
-Professional competency in SEO.
-Professional competeney in web application security and spam control.
-Moderate competency in Flash 8, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, other Adobe products, Mac OSX (Snow Leopard and Lion).
-Familiar with ASP and Objective C using Xcode 4.
-Moderate competency with Windows-based networking.
Additional -Served as the webmaster for the Scott Keller for President 2012 campaign, 2011-2012.
-Served as the webmaster and website developer for the Louisiana Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement, 2010-now.
-Assisted in the development of the children's storybook app for the iPhone, Barkley the Secret Service Dog, 2011.
-Participated in the design and development of well over 100 websites while working for Bandwise LLC, 2006-now.
-Was the sole initial developer and owner of the PHP-based content management system, Majicko, later sold to Bandwise LLC, 2005-now.
-Single handedly wrote the job tracking and reporting system used by Bandwise employees to track job-related tasks and productivity, 2012.
-Participated in the launching of Instysite.com, Bandwise LLC's hosting and web development service, 2011.
-Performed all programming work for the web-based forest management platform used by the Campbell Group LLC, 2011-now.
-Participated in all work leading to Bandwise LLC winning the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce's Small Business of the Year Award, 2011

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